Other Businesses



There are several business in Heritage Square. Please see information below:


Art Galleries - visit the NEW HERITAGE GALLERY and D’VINE ART ROOM by Shay Davis on Heritage Square : selecting and supporting emerging artists. Locally and internationally – focusing on controversial and powerful pieces.”


Ierephaan - is a renowned hairdresser who’s clients fly down from Johannesburg.


Signal Hill –  is a prominent landmark from which the historic noon gun is fired, and forms the “lion’s body” for the adjacent Lion’s Head mountaintop. The hill rewards hikers with spectacular views across Table Bay harbour, the central city and the Atlantic Ocean. Many family-friendly picnic spots on Signal Hill are favoured by tourists and locals all year round. Signal Hill is named for its original use: the practice of flying signal flags to communicate with nearby ships, and later for the daily firing of the famous Noon Gun.


Hotel Shop –  we stock quirky things from booklets to handbags and beaded artifacts all locally produced. In 2007 we took over the lease of the Heritage Square, taking over all the guardianship of a vine that was decorating the courtyard,  giving it a vineyard effect in the middle of the city. Read more

Jenni Button : Philosophy – Philosophy is the creation of celebrated Cape Town designer, Jenni Button. She creates clothing with an international, career woman in mind.
Every collection is designed, perfected , patterned, cut and sewn in-house. The exclusive production process is a collaborative philosophy of Jenni’s keen eye for detail, her skills as a designer, her pattern makers, printers and seamstresses and sales team. Each piece is manufactured in Cape Town and bears a proud South African label. Read more