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Maison Française Turkey April 2013

Cape Town Etnik Ruzgar
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Sunday Times

The winemaker bottle age
Neil Pendock speaks to a winemaker under a very old vine.

Chinese Magazine

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House & Leisure Magazine

National Treasure
‘What I love most about the hotel… is how your curiosity is piqued when you walk in.’ House and Leisure Magazine wholeheartedly agrees!

The Property Magazine

Hot Property
A historic building on Bree Street is home to an intimate inner-city hotel, recently under new ownership and sporting a fresh new appeal. Owners Johan and Victoria Nel have successfully completed a series of sensitive renovations to the aptly named Cape Heritage Hotel – originally built in 1771 – imbuing it with a unique sense of style that both honours the building’s rich history and brings it bang up-to-date.

Elle Decorations South Africa

History Repeating
With a name like the Cape Heritage Hotel, you’d expect on unchanged, well-preserved antiquity. So it’s a surprise to be surrounded by much more recent history the moment you cross the threshold, thanks to a sensitive renovation that has just been completed.


History Rides Again
The Cape Heritage Hotel has been given a new lease on life, making it a luxury base for visitors keen to explore the city centre on foot.


For some reason, you expect accommodation steeped in history to exist outside of the city centre in Cape Town – perhaps out in the winelands or round the back of the mountain in Constantia somewhere. But the information board in the tiny enclosed square that gives the Cape Heritage Hotel its name details the long-term existence of the building.

Cape Ect.

Wine: Historic Highlights
Here you’ll find the oldest grape-bearing vine in the Cape. It has recently been harvested to produce about eight bottles of vino made by Christophe Durand, which will be auctioned this year.

Sightsee: Famous squares
Built in the 1770s and 1780s, the cluster of buildings thrived as a commercial hub due to its prime position on one of the main thoroughfares in Cape Town and its proximity to fresh produce at Greenmarket Square. When the city council decided to demolish the square and build a parking lot in its place, a group of resolute Capetonians campaigned so ferociously that the square was left alone.

Marie Claire Travel

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Maison Française Magazine

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Art South Africa

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